Download Source & Images

You can download the src for the PHP scripts, tab template starters and component graphics here.

Full Package
Download all the PHP, component images and template source images to begin generating the example tabs/buttons you've already seen.
 [] (658.49 KB)

PHP Tab Generation Code
Download only the PHP include file necessary to generate the transparent tab and button graphics.
 [] (2.66 KB)

PHP Image SRC File
Download only the tabs.php file that is referenced in the IMG src attribute on your HTML pages.
 [] (275.00 B)

PNG Tab & Button Template Images
Download template images for the tab/button examples you've seen on this site. By loading any one of these into Fireworks you can quickly export the tab component images necessary for building your own.
 [] (490.44 KB)

PSD (Photoshop) Default Tab Template Image
I highly recommend using (now Adobe, formerly Macromedia) Fireworks to create your tab templates but if you are unfamiliar with Fireworks and have Photoshop already, download this PSD source. It has all the slices in place and should be easy to change the style/colors to suit your needs.
 [Default.psd] (84.46 KB)